We’ve Been Led to Believe

We NEED Vaccines to

Avoid Disease.

It’s time to learn

the Truth!




1. An act intended to
deceive or trick.
2. Something that has been
established or accepted
by fraudulent means.

tr.v. hoaxedhoax·inghoax·es

To deceive or cheat
by using a hoax.

The Greatest Lie Ever Told …

“Vaccines are Safe, Effective and Necessary”

Are Vaccines Really Safe?

Nothing is either SAFE or UNSAFE without exception. The real question is – what is the risk of getting the illness vs. the risk of a negative response to the shot? This data is difficult to collect but we know: Vaccine ingredients are classified toxins, over 3.3 billion dollars has been paid to those hurt and killed, and our judicial system has declared vaccines “Unavoidably Unsafe.”

Are Vaccines Really Effective?

When considering the efficacy of vaccines, it is important to know that vaccines have been heralded as saviors and credited with the decline in disease infection and disease transmission. The truth is, diseases for which there are vaccines available had been on the decline well before vaccines were introduced and vaccines do not provide lasting immunity to disease or prevent infection. In fact, vaccines are capable of transmitting disease through viral shedding, and many outbreaks occur in vaccinated populations.

Are Vaccines Really Necessary?

It’s a great misconception that our bodies are unable to protect themselves from disease. On the contrary, when given the proper nutrition, supplements, rest, exercise, sunshine, and avoidance of toxic chemicals, our bodies possess a God-given, innate ability to heal, protect, and maintain optimal health, even when a threat of infection is present.